Ch Szuni’s Rogue Shadow CD

Galen is from our Gypsy/Zoom litter of 2010.  I kept him and I love him because he is always happy and self confident – a really fun dog for me.

We are working on obedience and field training.  He finished his CD title in 2016 with some good high scores.  He finished his Ch a couple of years ago.  He is a well built dog with a dark solid colour.  Like his mom Gypsy, he can move at great speed at a smooth trot and is very athletic.  He loves water and will swim far out into the ocean, and he is a natural retriever.

We are also working on his field training for tests and trials.  Galen won Third Place in his first Puppy trial, and First Place in his second.  He won the BC All Breed Pointer Club’s Puppy of the Year award for 2012.