We breed infrequently, usually 1 or 2 litters about every 5 years.  The parents of the litter are carefully selected to further our breeding goals. Our current dogs are our 4th generation.

Our breeding program includes:

  • Feeding only raw, natural food.
  • High quality pre-natal diet for moms.
  • Puppy vaccine protocol including only vaccination for what is necessary – parvovirus and distemper.
  • The US Military ‘Bio-Sensor’ program for early brain development begins soon after birth.
  • Imprinting and socialization are ensured at the appropriate times.
  • Crate training, house breaking and obedience training begin early.
  • Early exposure to a variety of sight, sound and motion experiences.
  • Volhard Temperament Test is done at 49 days of age so that we can match a pup’s temperament to a prospective owner’s personality and lifestyle.
  • Homes are carefully selected for owners that will love and enjoy a Vizsla companion.
  • Lifetime commitment to every puppy.
  • Extending our Vizsla family by building relationships with our buyers.